China's Hotsuit Leads the Way in Global Sportswear Market

China’s Hotsuit Leads the Way in Global Sportswear Market

Explore how Hotsuit, a top sauna suit brand from Quanzhou, is shaking up the global sportswear scene with cutting-edge tech and smart manufacturing.


Shishi, Quanzhou, East China: On Friday, members of the international media tour, A Date with China, visited Hotsuit, a burgeoning local sauna suit brand. 

This visit underscored China’s robust textile and garment industry and highlighted Hotsuit’s influential role in the global market.


Hotsuit: A Rising Star

Since its inception in 2015, Hotsuit has rapidly ascended from a local brand to a global competitor

Known for its innovative sauna suits, Hotsuit has successfully penetrated international markets, now exporting to 78 countries and regions

This achievement positions Hotsuit as a leader in the sauna suit market, competing fiercely with established global brands.


Quanzhou: The Heart of Textile Innovation

Founder Shi Junqi attributes Hotsuit’s success to its strategic location in Quanzhou, the historic starting point of the Maritime Silk Road

“The global connection and cooperation fostered by the Belt and Road Initiative have opened unprecedented opportunities for local garment brands to expand internationally,” Shi explained. 

Hotsuit’s overseas sales currently constitute 35 percent of its total revenue, with projections to reach 50 percent by year-end.


Embracing Intelligent Manufacturing

Hotsuit is not just a market player but a pioneer in intelligent manufacturing

Hotsuit aims to enhance product quality and innovation by integrating advanced technologies into its production processes. 

Shi believes the continuous evolution of the Chinese textile industry will enable domestic brands to lead globally and drive the upgrading of China’s manufacturing sector.


International Acclaim and Collaboration

The brand’s technological prowess was on display during the visit, impressing guests like Yasmin von Roon, an Italian Internet influencer. 

After trying Hotsuit’s sauna suit, she remarked:

“The high technology in this sportswear is impressive. I hope for enhanced cooperation between Chinese and Italian sportswear enterprises, which would benefit daily life in both countries.”


Hotsuit’s Milestones

Founded2015 in Shishi, Quanzhou
MarketSauna suits
Exports78 countries and regions worldwide
Overseas Sales35% of total sales, expected to reach 50% by year-end
Technological InnovationIntelligent manufacturing and high-tech sportswear

Hotsuit’s journey from a local startup to a global leader in the textile industry exemplifies the dynamic growth of China’s garment sector. 

As Hotsuit continues to innovate and expand, it sets a high standard for other domestic brands aiming to impact the international stage.


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