TANTO DRAMMA Turning a Passion into a Fashion Powerhouse

TANTO DRAMMA: Turning a Passion into a Fashion Powerhouse

Explore TANTO DRAMMA’s journey from hobby to an eco-friendly fashion statement as María Aviñó champions sustainable, individualistic jewelry designs.


From a Fun Hobby to a Flourishing Business

What started as a casual hobby for María Aviñó has now blossomed into a thriving business, TANTO DRAMMA, thanks to the encouragement from her social media followers. 

Initially crafting jewelry for fun, María was taken aback by the interest shown by her Instagram followers, who wanted to buy her designs. 

This unexpected turn of events, supported by her family and friends, led her to leap into the entrepreneurial world. 

María fondly remembers her first order from Barcelona, a milestone that brought her to tears and marked the beginning of her professional journey in fashion jewelry.

Championing Sustainability in Fashion

María’s approach to her business is not just about producing attractive jewelry but also deeply rooted in sustainable and responsible production practices. 

TANTO DRAMMA operates on an on-demand basis. Each piece is crafted by hand only after an order is placed. 

This method significantly reduces overproduction and waste, showcasing María’s commitment to environmental consciousness in the fashion industry. 

Moreover, it lets her keep a pulse on her customers’ preferences, ensuring that her offerings always align with their tastes.

A Brand that Celebrates Individuality

At the heart of TANTO DRAMMA’s philosophy is the belief that fashion is about personal expression and freedom. 

María emphasizes, “Anything you want to wear goes,” encapsulating her view that fashion is about individual choice and self-expression. 

Her customer base mainly comprises bold women driven by their passions and unafraid to defy societal norms. 

María dreams big for TANTO DRAMMA, aspiring to see her creations on renowned celebrities like Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, or Miley Cyrus, whom she views as ideal ambassadors for her brand’s ethos.

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