Bankers Turned Beauty Entrepreneurs The Story Behind 'You're Looking Well'

Bankers Turned Beauty Entrepreneurs: The Story Behind ‘You’re Looking Well’

Discover the journey of former bankers Joe Bloomfield and Anthony Plom as they transition into skincare pioneers with their brand “You’re Looking Well,” merging gut health and skincare.

In a world where first impressions matter, how do you know when you are making the right one? 

For Joe Bloomfield and Anthony Plom, former research analysts, it is when someone tells you, “You’re Looking Well.” 

This is also the name of their unique skincare brand, founded 18 months ago.

The Start of a Beautiful Venture

The duo’s camaraderie began at Berenberg Bank, the world’s most ancient merchant bank known for its commercial loans and investment services. 

Their roles encompassed research from robotics in automatic vehicles to the complexities of decarbonizing the oil and gas sector.

However, as the clock ticked closer to their 30th birthdays in 2021, they realized the toll their 16-hour workdays took on their skin.

“That is when we decided to deep dive into the skincare and supplement world, much like we would into industries,” revealed Bloomfield during a tête-à-tête with Plom at 180 House in London.

Gut-Skin Connection

Upon delving into their research, an intriguing connection between gut and skin health surfaced. Their search for products addressing this symbiosis yielded no results, leading them to genuine professionals.

Professionals like Glenn Gibson, an expert in food microbiology, Sophie Medlin from the British Dietetic Association, and chief scientist Daniel Whitby from Smink Laboratories corroborated their findings, leading to the genesis of You Are Looking Well.

A Glimpse into the Business

Launching their venture, a pre-seed funding initiative saw participation from personalities like Soho House’s Nick Jones and Matrix APA’s Charlie Bradshaw.

Working on a subscription model, You’re Looking Well keeps exclusivity at its core, with only 1,000 memberships available. 

The pricing, starting at 295 pounds for a quarterly and 995 pounds for an annual subscription, offers members benefits beyond just products.

“We aim to offer more as we grow, much like Soho House,” Bloomfield explains.

Members receive day and night creams for their skin, corresponding pills for gut health, invaluable advice from health professionals, enticing discounts, and access to exclusive community events at Soho House.

Drawing inspiration from Nick Jones’ members club, the brand boasts a diverse committee to foster a lively community.

This subscription model also enhances brand visibility and offers competitive pricing.

Product Highlights

Packed in a vibrant yellow, symbolic of light turmeric, their fragrance-free products are housed in eco-friendly glass bottles with aluminum caps. 

The design ensures that the efficacy of probiotics and live bacteria remains intact.

The formulas, tailored for maximum impact, are unique. 

Day variants are fortified with Vitamin D3, zinc, and a slew of B vitamins, coupled with a live bacteria blend, offsetting stress and sleep deprivation bolstering the skin’s natural defenses. 

On the other hand, the nighttime counterparts feature ingredients like grape seed extract and algae-derived bio-retinoids.

“Our goal is to seamlessly fit into people’s routines, making it simple yet effective,” Bloomfield states, referencing the straightforward day and night labels.

Future Endeavors and Partnerships

A glance at their demographics reveals a tilt towards women, making up 70% of their target audience.

In terms of collaborations, You’re Looking Well is joining forces with Alex Eagle Sporting Club, aligning with 180 House, promising a symbiotic relationship between the two brands.

In the end, the name of the brand is a testament to its efficacy. 

After trials with over 60 participants, the founders themselves noticed a difference, leading them to christen their venture based on the most genuine compliment they received: “You are looking well.”

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