Teenage Pastime Turns into Thrifty Business for Jewelry Entrepreneurs

“Don’t Let Disco” – Teenage Pastime Turns into Thrifty Business for Jewelry Entrepreneurs

Discover the enchanting story of “Don’t Let Disco,” where founder Ashley Harris transforms vintage thrifting into sophisticated, nostalgic jewelry.

From High School Hangouts to High Fashion

Don't Let Disco
Don’t Let Disco

Ashley Harris’s journey into jewelry-making started in an unexpected place: the crowded aisles of thrift stores she visited with her high school friends. 

Initially indifferent, Harris would find herself “lurking around the jewelry counter” while her friends combed through racks of vintage clothing. 

Little did she know, this reluctant pastime would pave the way for her future business, “Don’t Let Disco.”

Crafting Unique Jewelry with a Nostalgic Touch

Don't Let Disco
Don’t Let Disco

In 2021, Ashley transformed her casual browsing into a burgeoning business. 

“Don’t Let Disco” was born out of a love for transforming vintage jewelry into stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Harris, alongside her dedicated team, began to work magic on old and forgotten pieces—some thrifted, others unsold stock left to gather dust.

Ashley’s creations are not just accessories; they are artifacts that encapsulate emotions and memories. 

The brand’s philosophy, encapsulated in its name, “Don’t Let Disco,” is a call to cherish fleeting moments. 

Each piece of jewelry is infused with nostalgia, possibility, and a hint of whimsy, designed to evoke a mix of emotions in its wearer.

Beads as the New Diamonds

Don't Let Disco
Don’t Let Disco

The collections from “Don’t Let Disco” stand out with their vibrant beadwork and playful charms, including glass Lego bricks, unicorns, and bumblebees. 

These details serve as a throwback to childhood but are crafted with a sophistication that appeals to an adult aesthetic.

Ashley is determined to revolutionize how we perceive beaded jewelry. 

“We want to position beaded pieces as fine jewelry items,” she asserts, challenging the conventional wisdom that beads don’t equate to luxury. 

With “Don’t Let Disco,” Ashley Harris is redefining the boundaries of high-end jewelry, one bead at a time.

Through a blend of teenage nostalgia and adult refinement, Ashley Harris sets a new trend in the jewelry industry, proving that with a small quantity of creativity and passion, even the most ordinary of beads can be transformed into extraordinary treasures.

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