VILLAIN Revolver Perfume Unleash Your Masculine Aura with this Unique Fragrance

VILLAIN Revolver Perfume: Unleash Your Masculine Aura with this Unique Fragrance

Unleash your masculine aura with VILLAIN Revolver Perfume, a unique fragrance shaped like a revolver. Experience the boldness of woody oriental notes and make a lasting impression.

In a remarkable move, VILLAIN, a renowned perfume brand, has introduced its latest offering: the VILLAIN Revolver Perfume for Men. 

Breaking the mould of traditional fragrances, this 100 ml Eau De Parfum comes in the shape of a revolver, making it an exceptional collector’s edition. 

With its long-lasting, high-quality, and masculine fragrance, this unique perfume is designed to amplify the aura of every man who dares to embrace their villainous side.

Unveiling the Masculine Aroma

The VILLAIN Revolver Perfume boasts a distinctive and long-lasting scent that exudes masculinity. 

Crafted with utmost precision, this fragrance is an exquisite blend of woody oriental notes.

Revel in the boldness of Patchouli, Cedarwood, Dry Amber, and Geranium, complemented by the subtle hints of Grapefruit, Lavender, Ciste, and other luxurious notes. 

The result is a scent that not only embodies the essence of a gangster but also the allure of a true-blue villain.

A Versatile Companion for All Occasions

The VILLAIN Revolver Perfume, packaged in a travel-friendly 100 ml bottle, is designed to accompany you on all your adventures. 

Whether you attend informal gatherings, formal events, late-night parties, or travelling, this fragrance will leave a lasting impression. 

Its versatility and adaptability make it suitable for any occasion, ensuring you always carry your wicked vibe wherever you go.

With this premium fragrance, you get excellent value for your money.

The Perfect Gift for Bold Men

VILLAIN understands the needs of bold men who want to stand out. 

That’s why the Revolver Eau De Parfum makes an ideal gift for the men in your life. 

A single spray of this banging fragrance can make a difference, elevating their presence and leaving a lasting impact.

Product Details

  • Brand: VILLAIN
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Item Volume: 100 Milliliters
  • Scent: Lavender, Grapefruit, Amber Wood
  • Special Feature: Masculine, Unique, Long-Lasting Fragrances


With its exceptional design and captivating scent, the VILLAIN Revolver Perfume for Men is revolutionizing the world of fragrances. 

This collector’s edition, shaped like a revolver, unleashes the power of masculinity, ensuring you make a bold statement wherever you go. 

Whether a formal event or a casual outing, this fragrance is the perfect companion for the modern man who dares to embrace his inner villain.

So treat yourself or surprise your loved ones with this unique and unforgettable perfume. 

Let the VILLAIN Revolver Perfume be your secret weapon in leaving a lasting impression.

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