Nora Fatehi Rocks a Stunning Outfit from Huemn

Nora Fatehi Rocks a Stunning Outfit from Huemn

Nora Fatehi stuns in a vibrant outfit from Huemn, complemented by luxurious accessories. Flawless styling and makeup complete her show-stopping look!


Nora Fatehi has wowed everyone with her latest outfit, which looks stunning! The trendy ensemble from the renowned clothing brand Huemn perfectly complements her vibrant personality. 

Let us look at the different elements that make up this show-stopping outfit.

The Chic Outfit

The outfit consists of a vibrant crop top and leggings adorned with an eclectic print. 

The combination of colors and patterns adds an exciting touch to Nora’s look, reflecting her unique style.

Luxurious Accessories

Nora is donning some exquisite accessories to add a touch of luxury to the ensemble. 

The neckpiece she is wearing is a collaboration between Pipabella, Rhea Kapoor, and Prerto, adding a touch of elegance to the overall appearance.

Elegant Jewelry

Nora’s ears, fingers, and wrists are adorned with elegant pieces from Misho Designs. The earrings, rings, and bangles beautifully complement the outfit, enhancing her overall look.

Stylish Boots

Completing the outfit are the boots from Louboutin World, a renowned luxury footwear brand. 

The boots elevate Nora’s style quotient and add a touch of sophistication.

Flawless Styling

The credit for this impeccable styling goes to Manek Harisinghani and Chintan Shah08. 

Their expertise in fashion has resulted in a perfect combination of elements that suit Nora’s personality flawlessly.

Makeup and Hair Perfection

Reshma Merchant is the makeup artist behind Nora’s stunning look. Her expertise has enhanced Nora’s features, making her stand out even more. Marc Pedrozo, the hairstylist, has done an outstanding job with Nora’s hair, complementing the overall look.


Nora Fatehi has pulled off a truly extraordinary outfit that showcases her style and fashion sense. 

The collaboration of top brands and designers has made this ensemble a remarkable success. 

From the vibrant clothing by Huemn to the luxurious accessories and jewelry, this look is a definite show-stopper. 

With flawless styling, makeup, and hair, Nora has made a fashion statement with this outfit.

Brand and Designer List

  • Outfit: Huemn
  • Neckpiece: Pipabella x Rhea Kapoor x Prerto
  • Earrings, Rings, and Bangles: Misho Designs
  • Boots: Louboutin World
  • Styling: Manek Harisinghani with Chintan Shah08
  • Makeup: Reshma Merchant
  • Hair: Marc Pedrozo
  • Photography: Priyank K Nandwana

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