One Night Only An Unforgettable Journey of Liberation and Friendship

One Night Only: An Unforgettable Journey of Liberation and Friendship

Heralded by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan as a ‘spirited, sex-positive romp,’ and characterized as a ‘provocative read’ by Shunali Khullar Shroff, the book “One Night Only” is an exciting, multi-layered narrative that blends friendship, self-discovery, and intimacy.

The plot begins when Rubani, an ardent believer in long-term relationships, faces an unexpected turn of events.

Her long-standing relationship abruptly ends when her boyfriend decides to leave, jolting her serene life.

Observing the upheaval in Rubani’s life, her three closest allies, Natasha, Saira, and Faiza, decide to help her break free from her habitual monogamy.

The plan? An enticing, adventurous one-night stand.

In a spontaneous burst of excitement, the quartet revives an old plan to escape to the sandy beaches of Goa, intending to mend old hurts and discover new experiences.

Throughout their holiday, the four ladies engage in thrilling activities, indulging in the local nightlife of drinks, dances, and karaoke sessions, interspersed with self-reflection and mutual understanding.

Their journey mimics the dramatic highs and lows of a typical girls’ getaway, complete with unveiled secrets, rekindled relationships, and strengthened friendships.

As each friend unravels her tale of the one-night stand that transformed her life, they also delve into new emotional landscapes.

Natasha embarks on a mysterious midnight adventure, Saira encounters a man who challenges her firm distaste for commitment, and Faiza unexpectedly stumbles upon feelings for an ex-lover.

Meanwhile, Rubani finds herself drawn to two completely different individuals, one who fits her usual type and another who intriguingly does not.

As their trip nears its end, Rubani is faced with an essential choice that resonates with the unpredictable and free-spirited vibes of Goa.

To let herself loose and live for the moment, or to continue her path of caution?

The decision lies with her.

“One Night Only” is a fast-paced, heartwarming story that is as much a tribute to desire and sexuality as it is applause for the tumultuous and magnificent journey of female friendship.

This light-hearted, soulful narrative is more than just a fun read; it encapsulates the modern women’s quest for self-identity, desire, and camaraderie.

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