16 Must Visit Saree Shops in Florida in 2024

16 Best Must Visit Saree Shops in Florida in 2024

Explore top-rated saree shops across Florida, from Miami to Tampa! Find the perfect traditional or modern saree with our guide to the best local boutiques.

Florida, known for its vibrant culture and sunny beaches, is also a treasure trove for ethnic fashion, particularly traditional Indian sarees. 

Whether you are preparing for a special occasion or wish to expand your wardrobe with exquisite ethnic wear, the Sunshine State has several top-notch saree shops catering to various tastes and needs. 

Best Saree Shops in Florida

Here is a guide to the best saree shops in Florida, ensuring you find something that matches your style and occasion.

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Padma India Fashion & Spa – Miami, FL

A top-rated choice in Miami, Padma India Fashion & Spa boasts a perfect blend of traditional and modern saree designs. This store offers a vast array of sarees and provides accessories and spa services, making it a one-stop shop for beauty and fashion.

Contact: +1 305-576-4368

Rating: 5.0

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Sanskriti Boutique – West Palm Beach, FL

Sanskriti Boutique in West Palm Beach is renowned for its personalized service and beautiful selection of sarees for any special occasion. Customers frequently praise the shop for its attentive and knowledgeable staff, particularly Lima, who is noted for her expertise in helping choose the perfect saree.

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Contact: +1 561-721-5131

Rating: 4.8

Bollywood Fashion LLC – Lake Worth Beach, FL

This boutique offers an impressive selection of beautiful sarees at reasonable prices. Known for its quality and variety, Bollywood Fashion LLC is a favorite among those who appreciate fine detailing and vibrant colors in their traditional wear.

Contact: +1 347-553-5683

Rating: 4.9

Specializing in Indian and Pakistani women’s clothing, NAVA Exclusive boasts a collection that blends traditional styles with contemporary fashion. Their customer service is highly regarded, with staff like Kim noted for their helpfulness in finding beautiful sarees at reasonable prices.

Contact: +1 917-607-5525

Rating: 5.0

Devam – Boca Raton, FL

Devam is not just a saree shop but also a jewelry store. It offers luxurious sarees perfect for weddings and other significant events. Its exceptional service and ability to accommodate last-minute requests make it a popular choice for bridal sarees.

Contact: +1 561-368-0985

Rating: 5.0

Shama Boutique – Tampa, FL

Known for providing one of the best shopping experiences, Shama Boutique in Tampa offers a range of sarees catering to traditional and modern tastes. Their personalized service ensures that each customer leaves with a saree that perfectly fits their style and occasion.

Contact: +1 813-607-0666

Rating: 5.0

Kushara Collections – Tamarac, FL

Thanks to the helpful staff at Kushara Collections, customers can expect not only a beautiful saree but also a lesson in how to wrap it. This store is perfect for those new to wearing sarees and looking for comprehensive service.

Contact: +1 754-222-9075

Rating: 4.7

Apna Andaaz Boutique – Jacksonville, FL

Although this boutique is better known for other attire forms, they offer a few choices in sarees. The mixed reviews suggest checking ahead if you are looking specifically for saree shopping.

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Contact: +1 904-910-1839

Rating: 4.5

Anjali Beauty & Boutique – North Lauderdale, FL

Anjali Beauty & Boutique is another gem in the heart of North Lauderdale. Customers praise the exceptional service and the quality of the sarees. The staff ensures that each client is able to wrap their saree perfectly, making this boutique a standout for first-time buyers and seasoned saree enthusiasts alike.

Contact: +1 954-917-4848

Rating: 4.6

Bollywood fashion world – Tamarac, FL

This store is celebrated for its interactive service, where customers can learn to wrap their sarees under the guidance of experts like Shivani. Bollywood Fashion World offers a personalized shopping experience with a focus on matching outfits, making it ideal for those looking to coordinate ensembles for special events.

Contact: +1 754-222-9075

Rating: 4.9

Silar East and West Fashions

Silar East and West Fashions provides a 24-hour service for those looking for versatility in shopping. This store specializes in various sarees from different regions, ensuring every customer finds something unique that suits their taste.

Contact: +1 321-209-9450

Rating: 4.8

Bijou’s Boutique – Orlando, FL

Located in Orlando, Bijou’s Boutique is not only about sarees but also offers designer apparel and gifts. However, the sarees they do offer are praised for their quality and elegance, making it a good stop for those looking for something extra on their shopping trips.

Contact: +1 407-841-9728

Rating: 4.6

Unique India Grocery And Boutique – Riverview, FL

This location combines the convenience of a grocery with the delight of boutique shopping. Unique India Grocery And Boutique is perfect for those who want to shop for ethnic groceries and stylish sarees in one go, providing a practical yet fun shopping experience.

Contact: +1 813-347-0553

Rating: 4.7

Emelina’s Bridal Boutique & Alterations – Tampa, FL

While primarily a bridal shop, Emelina’s Bridal also offers a selection of sarees for special occasions. Known for its elegant dresses and professional alterations, this boutique ensures that every bride or guest will find the perfect attire for weddings and beyond.

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Contact: +1 813-932-1755

Rating: 4.6

Jade Maxx Henna – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jade Maxx Henna is unique in that it offers beautiful sarees and professional henna services. Ideal for brides and party-goers looking for a complete cultural experience, this shop combines traditional saree draping with exquisite henna designs.

Contact: +1 636-293-3655

Rating: 5.0

The Bridal Finery – Winter Park, FL

This high-end bridal shop provides a curated selection of sarees and kerbside pickup, perfect for those looking for luxury and convenience. The Bridal Finery is known for its exclusive designs and personalized service, making each shopping experience unforgettable.

Contact: +1 407-960-5225

Rating: 5.0


From Miami to Jacksonville and beyond, Florida offers a rich selection of saree shops catering to various tastes and occasions. 

Whether you are preparing for a wedding or a festival or want to indulge in the beauty of traditional Indian wear, these stores provide quality, variety, and customer service that will make your saree shopping experience delightful and satisfying.

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